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Cannonball Century Ride

Rest Stop Competition

New in 2021, a little competition made our event that much more fun for all participants. First, a BIG thanks to all of our volunteers, including the event committee, BEST, Setup/Breakdown and Registration teams and finally, Rest Stop hosts.

Cyclists completed a mini-survey and voted for their favorite Rest Stop at the end of the ride. Now, tasked with these votes, having inspected the stops, taken photographic evidence, gauged enthusiasm with volunteer hosts, sampled the snack & drink offerings, and conducted in-depth interviews with cyclists as they finished their arduous journey, the competition judges did not take their role lightly. They ranked and rated each factor according to a strict set of ever-changing guidelines, which were then fed into a gonkulator that chewed on the various factors and spat out the winner after days and days of inconclusive calculations.

and the results are...

Cannonball Century Ride

1st place:

Elk Run (Rest Stop #5, serving all routes)
Kat & Chuck Daniels, with help from Karen (on decorations like "Shut Up Legs") & Mike Schumm; Chuck & Mike are said to have never dropped another cyclist, if you can believe that.

Cannonball Century Ride

2nd place:

Midland (Rest Stop #3 serving the Century route)
Gayle & Harrision Ostrenga, very familiar with how desperate cyclists are for gatorade.

Cannonball Century Ride

3rd place:

Catlett (Rest Stop #2 serving the Metric & Century routes)
Rachel Hudgins & Autumn McCaleb, aware of how important a porta-potty is to a road cyclist.

Thanks to the other volunteer hosts for helping us stage the best event yet, including:

Stafford (Rest Stop #1, serving all routes)
Trish & David Gerlach, who joined as a last minute adjustment to keep their feet on the ground (although they cycled after their stop closed).

Sumerduck (Rest Stop #4, serving the Century route)
Stephanie Sherrill, Dan Maher, Camille Soderholm & Sam Whetzler, representing the Food Bank and our charitable partner.

"great fun", "a Keto dream?", "awesome", "too far between stops", "group 3 great people", "no more pickles", "need more potties", "need real protein bars", "super cute decorations", "no beer?", "need more Pringles", "enjoyed the PBJ", "more grapes" ...